Shahi group started its operations in 1973. It was the first company to introduce form – fill – seal machine packaging for a product that was totally novel for the consumers of that time. SHAHI SUPARI with its beautiful modern hygienic packaging was in every sense a NEW Original product in Pakistan. It initially started its operations on imported machines but soon asked local engineers to duplicate and improve upon it. Shahi can rightly claim to have simultaneously given impetus to two industries in Pakistan, the ethnic mouth freshener industry and soft packaging machine industry.

It has been over 40 years since Shahi was formed, but even today Shahi leads by introducing automated plants and machinery. Shahi is of the first and only local producer in its industry with state of the art production facilities. It is by being focused on delighting its customers with the best range of mouth fresheners and snacks in the market that Shahi now is a household name and its products are sold not only domestically, but also in far-flung corners of the globe.

The company started with just one product “Shahi Supari” and made its place in the hearts of every household in Karachi. Later, the company launched its range of Mouth Fresheners, catering to different consumers. Snack Products and Frozen Products were other successful ventures that were introduced as separate divisions under the Brand of Shahi Ent (Pvt) Ltd.

During the 2010s, mouth freshener companies faced a backlash on their products as there were concerns regarding the hygiene conditions under which most of the mouth fresheners were produced in Pakistan. However, Shahi being a high-quality control and hygiene conscious organization from the very start was easily able to acquire the ISO Certifications and never lost the customer trust in their brand.


At Shahi, we aim to offer high quality yet low priced products to our consumers by remaining the most technologically advanced company in our field. We strive to be the market leaders in mouth freshener & snacks industry. We work towards establishing Pakistan’s image as a good quality producer of ethnic products locally and abroad.


To maximize customer’s satisfaction, by continually endeavouring to deliver consistent quality products. Our aim is to reinforce our position as the most hygienically sound & technologically advanced company in our field.

It is through recognizing the importance of efficiency and creativity that we aim to achieve growth in a competitive environment.

Hence, our mission is to be an organization that is socially responsible and is contributing towards the betterment, growth and development of Pakistan.


At Shahi, we believe in the following core values

Passion: We act with intense positive energy and are not afraid to take risks. We challenge ourselves continuously, we’re good at what we do, and we take pride in who we are.

Customer Focus: We see the world through the eyes of our customers. We do everything possible that makes them happy.

People-Centric: We put our people first. We treat them with respect and actively contribute towards their development.

Teamwork: Our roles are defined, not our responsibilities. We believe in going the extra mile to accomplish our goals. We coach and support each other to ensure everyone wins.


Our Brands “MOUTH FRESHENERS” and “NIMCO” are perceived in the worldwide markets as driving brands by being popular everywhere. We are customizing different items for our international customers based in Australia, Canada, UK, EU, Far East, Middle East, South East Asia etc. Our product range includes: Mouth Fresheners, Nimco, Snacks and Frozen Item.